PDI – Because the Best Trained Get the Best Trucking Jobs

Truck Driving School Rochester NYAny trucking school is only as good as its track record. At PDI, most of our grads start careers within ONE MONTH of graduation! Many choose from multiple offers with local, regional and national companies and carriers. We’ve offered affordable CDL training since 1993 to over 7,000 graduates.

PDI is fully licensed, delivering the classroom and in-the-cab training you need from seasoned professional driver/instructors. You can be on the road professionally in just four weeks and starting a rewarding new job where most earn over $55,000 in the first year alone. Be your own boss and find a new career path now – where you’re virtually assured of employment – at PDI.

Come to our next information session or call  585.293.1203 or toll-free 888.734.4235 today and be part of the driving force that powers America.

Because The Best Trained Get The Best Trucking Jobs

Ever wonder what it would be like to drive one of those big rigs you'd see tooling along the Interstates?

You probably asked yourself how those guys got their start in the business. What did they have to do before someone trusted them with a $250,000 tractor-trailer?

The answer is simple. Thousands of those drivers went to school at PDI. The Professional Driver Institute gave them the classroom and behind-the-wheel training they needed – in just one month– to get started in this rewarding, exciting career.

If you want a great job with excellent pay, top benefits, and rock-solid job security, a career in trucking could just be the opportunity you've been looking for.