What Graduates Are Saying About PDI

Over 90% of PDI grads are driving professionally within a month of graduation, and many choose from multiple trucking career offers. Here are just a few comments from our grads who are already on the road –


Trucking School Testimonials All the instructors were good, and took the time to help
and listen to what I felt I needed to work on. Quote
– Donna Glover, Schneider
Trucking School Testimonials I honestly believe I have received an extremely valuable lifetime skill.
My thanks to all the instructors I had contact with. Quote – Phil Ransom, TMC
Trucking School Testimonials Glad I'm a PDI graduate
and proud to be one. Trucking School Testimonials
– Richard Francisco, Triple G
Quote The best part of PDI was meeting people like me, who are seeking to change their career, and learning with the help of all the staff. It made my decision to continue easier. Quote – Lodain Elliott, Swift

What’s the Best Part of PDI Training?

Here’s what a few PDI grads have to say about what they found most valuable
and enjoyable during their PDI driver training –
Quote All the help of the office staff and instructors. I never felt like I couldn’t get my license, everyone was patient and helpful. The best part is knowing I’ll have a job when I am done. Quote

– Jason Smith
Quote The personal attention. Quote

– David Jones (PDI Grad)
Quote The best part, in my opinion, was being educated by the professional driving instructors at this school. They helped me not only with driving but with adjusting my life and my thinking when it comes to a driving career. Quote

– Serafin Diaz
Quote The passion the entire staff has towards students and helping them. Quote

– John Saunderson

PDI Grads Are Rolling Now!

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